Best Tradeline Companies


What Is a Tradeline?

A tradeline is a credit account listed on your credit report.Each account has a separate tradeline, which includes information about the creditor and the debt.

Is it legal to buy Tradelines?

Buying trade lines may be viewed as deceptive by lenders and credit reporting agencies.

Can Tradelines help credit score?

Tradeline will help you improve your credit score so you can get benefits from a good credit score. Without a good credit score, you will not have many options for credit and will pay a higher interest rate on your loans.

How much does a Tradeline cost?

Most tradelines cost between $600 to $1200. (these sell fast). You can also buy tradelines in packages which cost $800-$2000.

How much will a tradeline boost my credit?

Mortgage brokers, lawyers and real estate agents are all using similar practices to get clients lower payments. The more trade lines you purchase, the better your credit score will be. Most trades increase your score 40-45 points.

How many Tradelines should I have?

A report with at least 3 positive accounts should be followed with a negative account. Multiple Trade lines may be necessary to balance negative account activity.

The 3 Best Tradeline Companies


#1. Tradeline Supply Company

Tradeline Supply Company is the best company to work with. They have the lowest prices in the industry.

The company lets you temporarily borrow a credit card as a way of temporarily increasing your credit history. It can help people who have low credit scores obtain auto loans or mortgages.

Tradeline Supply Company is a relatively new tradeline company. The reason for its success is that it starts at a much more affordable price than many of its competitors.

Tradeline Supply Company also displays a list of tradelines on its website so users can search for a tradeline within their budget. This platform has made credit line purchases a favorite among those wanting to boost their credit history.

You are buying the right to be added as an authorized user to another person’s account. Tradeline Supply Company acts as a middleman through its online platform.

Tradeline Supply Company notes on its website that it does not guarantee its products will raise your credit score. Of course, no company can promise that.

Instead, Tradeline Supply Company can give you a credit account with a long history, positive payment history, or both. You will be on the account for a certain amount of time so you can see your credit improve.

Like all good credit card companies, we don’t guarantee an exact increase to your credit score. It also has some guarantees to give you peace of mind.

If you buy from Tradeline Supply Co., you’re expected to show up as an authorized user on your report for two cycles. It also will report to two credit bureaus.

Every tradeline has a credit utilization of 15% or lower, and all its tradelines have a perfect payment history with no late payments.


Is Tradeline Supply Company Safe to Use?

t is important to stay diligent when it comes to credit repair. Fortunately, Tradeline Supply is a reputable company with good reviews.

It has a 4.6 out of 5 stars across 52 reviews on Google. Customers of Tradeline Supply Company got a 100 points increase in their credit score.


There are a handful of negative reviews posted at other sites, and Tradeline Supply Company typically posts a response.


How Tradelines Improve Credit History

Tradelines you don’t actually buy anything. Instead you’re only renting access to someone’s credit account.

If a person is lucky enough to have a rich uncle, he may add the person to his credit card. Buying a tradeline is an effective alternative for many people.

Purchasing someone else’s charge involves piggybacking on the previous provider’s work. It can help you qualify for a loan or receive a better interest rate.

Once it appears on your credit report, it will add to your credit history. A longer credit history or a positive payment history may help when applying for a loan.

In short, purchasing a tradeline helps three different ways:
1. Your good payment history is inherited.

Years of on-time payments is the best. When your account posts to your credit file, you get all those payments.

If you buy tradelines from Tradeline Supply Company, you can rest easy knowing that the tradelines will have perfect payment history.
2. The account’s history is yours.

You also get to see the account’s history. The programs are useful for people with little or no credit history.

The longer a tradeline’s history, the more it will be worth.
3. Your credit utilization improves

You should keep your credit utilization below 30%. Adding a tradeline can improve your credit utilization ratio by adding additional available credit to your credit file.

For example, if you start out with a $1,000 credit limit and carry a $400 balance, your credit-usage is 40% Assume you are going to buy a trading line with a $10,000 credit limit.

Your credit utilization ratio if calculated using this figure is 3.8 percent.