how To Check Your Credit Score

How To Check Your Credit Score

To start restoring your credit and regain your good name, the first step you need to take is check why your real credit score is so poor. Many people don’t know what their credit score is. Without knowing your credit score, you won’t know what you need to do to change. I will teach you how to check your credit score, and it is available for free.

Get your FICO® score for free using Discover Credit Scorecard

There are several ways to acquire your credit score, but my favorite approach is to use Discover’s Credit Scorecard which is offered free to anyone who signs up for it.

If you have already signed up, you can log in and see your current FICO® score, a preview of your report, and some financial advice to help you increase your score.

What is a FICO® score, anyway?

What’s the catch?

Discovery has given this service to their customers since 2013, but in 2016, they made the decision to open it up to everyone, making them the first major credit card to give everyone free access to their FICO® score with a credit snapshot.

Signing up with Discover Scorecard

What’s included in the Scorecard?

What’s next?

Step 2. Fill in some personal information

Step 1. Head on over to the Discover Scorecard registration page

Step 3. Agree to terms & conditions and verify your identity

Step 4. Set up your security questions & answers

Step 5. Access your free FICO® score