Ovation Credit Repair Services Review

If negative items on your credit report are keeping you from getting a good interest rate on a car loan or buying a house, you may need some credit repair help.

You can either try to repair your credit on your own or hire a credit repair service to do it for you.

In this article, I’ll go over Ovation Credit Repair Services, a new credit repair company that may be able to help you improve your credit score and borrowing power.

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Who Is Ovation Credit Repair Services

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Lending Tree is a website that allows you to compare loan offers, owns Ovation Credit Services, Inc., a credit repair company based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Ovation assists consumers with bad credit in resolving their credit problems.

By removing negative items from your credit report, you may be able to build the type of credit history that quality lenders seek.

Ovation is a company that specializes in removing incorrect information from personal credit reports on behalf of its clients by filing credit disputes and sending goodwill letters.

After completing the credit repair program, the service also provides financial management tools to help clients maintain good credit.

Ovation, like Lexington Law, one of the nation’s leading credit repair firms, is staffed by credit repair attorneys and paralegals.

The advice and guidance you receive from the Ovation team should be accurate and applicable to your situation.

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What Is Ovation Credit and How Does It Work?

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When you join Ovation, your personal case advisor will request copies of your credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

Your credit report will be scrutinized by your advisor for unverifiable debts, inaccurate information, and duplicate entries.

ovation credit repair reviews

Getting Rid of Inaccurate Data

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The Ovation team can begin by looking over your credit reports. Following the identification of action items, the Ovation legal team will contact your creditors and credit bureaus on your behalf.

By writing goodwill letters to creditors, the team can work to have these negative items removed from your file, such as anomalous late payments or paid collection accounts (Essentials Plus plan).

In addition, Ovation will send you dispute letters and debt validation letters to combat inaccurate information that is lowering your credit score (Essentials & Essentials Plus plans).

Within 30 to 45 days, removing negative items from your credit report can improve your credit score.

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Making a New Credit-Optimization Strategy

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Your credit analyst will also assist you in devising a strategy for improving your credit score through daily financial decisions.

This type of credit repair can take months or even years, but it establishes a solid foundation for future credit success.

Borrowers with good credit are eligible for loans with the lowest interest rates and fees. They also get the best credit cards with the best rewards.

If you’re thinking about getting a mortgage or a business loan in the coming years, Ovation’s holistic approach could be beneficial.

In today’s credit-dependent market, knowing how to manage your credit score is essential.

Monitoring your credit score

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Even after you’ve completed a credit repair project, you should keep an eye on your credit score to look for inaccuracies and fraud before they cause financial harm.

After you’ve completed your credit repair and cancelled your monthly credit repair subscription, Ovation offers a separate credit monitoring service.

You can also keep track of your credit by ordering your credit reports from annualcreditreport.com, which offers a free credit report from each bureau once a year.

(Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this site is now providing free credit reports every week until April of 2021.)

Credit Karma and Credit Sesame are two other sites that provide free credit monitoring.

What information can Ovation Credit remove from your credit report?

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If the negative information is inaccurate, old, or duplicated elsewhere on your credit report, Ovation can remove a variety of negative items from your credit history.

Ovation has the option of requesting goodwill adjustments in order to remove negative information.

The following are examples of items that can be removed:

  • Payments that are late
  • Chargebacks
  • Insolvencies
  • Inventive+ phrasing
  • Decisions
  • Foreclosures
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens are legal claims against property.
  • Inquiries about credit

Remember that Ovation — and any other credit repair or financial services provider — can only remove negative information if it is expired, fraudulent, inaccurate, lost, or duplicated.

Your legitimate debts will appear on your credit report until you pay them off or they expire.

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Is Ovation able to assist me?

ovation credit repair reviews

When they appoint a credit repair company like Ovation, many people expect immediate results.

This expectation is most likely based on the advertisements that many credit repair companies run. Customers who report significant credit score increases are frequently featured in these ads.

Credit repair professionals cannot perform miracles, and they must operate within the confines of the law. They can’t, for example, remove a negative item that has been reported accurately and is true.

Credit repair companies, in fact, can’t do anything you can’t do yourself. A professional, on the other hand, can work much more quickly and efficiently to achieve the same results.

You pay for speed and tenacity when you hire professional help for your credit repair. You have hired someone else to write letters and make phone calls for you so you can get on with your life.

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For Whom Is Ovation Credit Repair the Best?

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Hiring Ovation Credit Services, Inc., depending on your specific credit issues, could help you quickly improve your credit score.

However, you should be aware that a credit repair company such as Ovation will be unable to repair bad credit if your credit history contains legitimately reported issues.

Professional credit repair from Ovation may be a good investment if you meet the following criteria:

You’d like a free credit consultation as well as a professional credit report.

You know you need to fix your credit, but you’re not sure where to begin.

You require professional assistance in order to repair your credit.

You’re aware of inaccuracies, but you’re unsure how to file disputes and appeals.

You enjoy writing dispute and goodwill letters, but you lack the time to follow up on them.

ovation credit services reviews

How much does Ovation set you back?

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If you’ve read this far and still want to learn more about Ovation Credit Services, Inc., you’re probably curious about the price.

A free credit consultation is available from Ovation. If you decide the company can help you improve your credit score, you have two options, both of which include a $89 one-time first work fee that must be paid up front:

The Essentials Plan ($79 per month) is a low-cost option.

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Customers who choose the Essentials Plan get a personal case advisor, personalized dispute options, 24/7 access to their case with real-time updates, and quick access to the online credit dispute service.

You’ll also receive a customized plan to help you improve your credit in the future.

When you sign up for this plan, you will be charged a $89 first-work fee. Then, for as long as you’re a customer, you’ll pay $79 in monthly fees.

Two $25 add-ons are available with the Essentials Plan:

  • Identity optimization is a service that helps you protect your credit from identity theft.
  • Fast Track is a service that helps you resolve your credit disputes quickly.

The Essentials Plus Plan ($109 per month) is the most affordable option.

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Everything in the Essentials Plan is included in the Essentials Plus Plan, plus:

  • Validation of unlimited challenges
  • For use with creditors, an official recommendation letter.
  • TransUnion Credit Monitoring is ongoing.
  • Creditors receive goodwill letters to address legitimate and accurate negative items.

This plan also requires an initial fee of $89, followed by a monthly fee of $109 for as long as you are a customer.


You could upgrade to the Essentials Plan’s Identity Optimization and Fast Tracking extras.


Discounts on Ovation Credit Repair

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Ovation offers a variety of discounts, including:

  • Referral Credits: If you refer a friend who also signs up for Ovation, you could get a $30 discount on your monthly fee. If you refer a couple, you could get a $50 discount.
  • Couples Discount: If you’re an Ovation customer and your significant other or spouse joins as well, you’ll both get a 20% discount on your monthly subscription.
  • Seniors and Military Discount: All Ovation services are discounted by 10% for seniors (65 and older) and military members (retired or active duty).

What Are the Benefits of Using Ovation Credit?

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The Ovation Essentials Plan, which costs $79 per month, is one of the most affordable credit repair options available today.

Along with the potential for cost savings, Ovation can provide the following benefits:

Personalized Attention: You’ll be assigned a personal case advisor from the start. Customers prefer having a go-to person rather than having to speak with a different person each time they need assistance.

Ovation’s A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau is one of its most compelling selling points ( Better Business Bureau). An A+ rating is an industry standard of dependability that assures customers that the credit firm is dependable and trustworthy.

Free Credit Consultation: All prospective customers are entitled to a free credit consultation prior to enrolling — and it is completely free. During and after the consultation, Ovation will encourage you to enroll in one of its paid plans.

Customers can access their accounts at any time via Ovation’s website, making it simple to track and monitor their progress on their own time.

Payment Plans: If you choose the Essentials Plan with no add-ons, Ovation offers one of the most affordable options in the industry. Ovation also has a plan for you if you want more services and don’t mind paying for them.

First impressions are important, and logging onto Ovation’s website is reassuring to any potential customers. The site has a professional and sophisticated appearance, with all services easily accessible. Social media is also kept up to date and well-maintained, all of which contributes to a professional image. Many other credit repair companies, unfortunately, struggle in this area.

Customers can easily add custom options to their plan, allowing them to pick and choose the services that are best suited to their needs.

Same-Day Service: Ovation’s same-day Fast Track promise ($25 add-on) is an unusual but useful feature. Ovation can get faster results by sending dispute letters and goodwill letters as soon as possible.

Identity Optimization: Theft of one’s identity is a legitimate concern, and the Identity Optimization feature ($25 add-on) can help to reduce the likelihood of this occurring, providing customers with greater peace of mind.

Contracts are not required: Cancelling your monthly subscription is simple. Ovation does not require contracts and bills on a monthly basis.

Is There Anything Wrong With Ovation Credit?

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Ovation, like any other credit repair company, has some areas where it can / will improve:

The company is still in its infancy. It has positive reviews, but it doesn’t have the same longevity as Lexington Law or Credit Saint. Being a Lendingtree company, however, lends some credibility.

Customer Service: There is no active duty customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ovation’s vague refund policy states that if it fails to meet its obligations to you during the month, it will refund your monthly fee. However, this policy leaves it up to the company to decide whether or not your situation warrants a refund. Customers’ expectations aren’t always possible to meet, so refunds are always a challenge for credit repair companies.

Is Ovation Credit the Right Credit Repair Company for You?

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Ovationcredit.com, despite its youth, offers a flexible, stable, and comprehensive approach to credit repair.

If you are serious about appointing a credit repair professional, I recommend checking out this company.