The Credit Pros Review for 2021

This is a detailed review of The Credit Pros.

the credit pros reviews

Who are The Credit Professionals?

The Credit Pros is one of the most reputable credit repair firms. Based in Newark, New Jersey, they’ve been around for about a decade and describe themselves as a “financial technology firm dedicated to educating [their] clients on how to avoid future credit-related mistakes.”

For several years in a row, Inc. Magazine named them one of America’s 500 fastest growing companies, and they also maintain an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, which isn’t easy in this industry!

The Credit Pros employs licenced attorneys and Certified FICO professionals, and they believe in educating their clients, which is why they offer in-depth consultations aimed at achieving and maintaining a good credit score.

the credit pros reviews

Plans and pricing for Credit Pros

As is the case with the majority of credit repair companies, The Credit Pros charges both a setup fee and a monthly fee.

Package for Money Management. There is a $119 setup fee and a monthly fee of $69 per month.

Package of Prosperity. $119 setup fee and $119 per month

The Package of Success. $149 setup fee and $149 per month

The Credit Pros offers four different packages to meet the needs of every client—a here’s breakdown of each.

CreditSentry collection

The CreditSentry Package is designed for individuals who require only credit monitoring. For $19 per month, you’ll receive a comprehensive credit report, TransUnion credit monitoring, and identity theft protection on your credit reports and social media.

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Package for money management

The Money Management Package includes all of the credit and identity monitoring services included in the first package, as well as The Credit Pros’ renowned credit repair services. Additionally, you’ll receive their personalised budgeting system and bill reminder service.

Package of prosperity

The Prosperity Package includes everything in the first two packages, plus enrolment in their prescription plan, which saves you up to 80% on medications. This package may be worthwhile if your credit has been harmed by medical expenses and you require some assistance in that area.

credit pros reviews


Achievement package

The Success Package includes unlimited credit disputes and may be worth it if your credit report contains multiple errors or if you have been a victim of identity theft.

The Credit Pros’ “Advantages” and “Disadvantages”

The following are some of the aspects of The Credit Pros that we appreciate the most:

Highly qualified personnel. Not only is their entire staff extremely knowledgeable, but their owner is also a certified FICO professional and licenced attorney.

There are no limitations on disputes. While most companies dispute a limited number of negative items per cycle (typically 15), The Credit Pros does not limit themselves to this—they send out all of their disputes during each cycle.

24-hour access. The Credit Pros offers an online client portal through which you can communicate with case managers at any time of day or night, as well as track their progress and upload documents.

Educational materials. They provide free consultations and credit advice to their customers, but their website is also jam-packed with educational blog posts on topics ranging from credit cards to company information.

BBB rating of A+. Their customers rarely have negative things to say about them, and those who do appear to have been addressed directly by the company.

Guaranteed money back. It’s always a good sign when a business offers a money-back guarantee of 100 percent—The Credit Pros’ guarantee is valid for 90 days.

Additionally, the following points should be considered prior to engaging their services:

Exorbitant fees. While their services are not the cheapest in the industry, their setup fees are slightly higher than average.

Limited quantity available. Several states, including Kansas and Maine, prohibit The Credit Pros from conducting business.

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What services does The Credit Pros provide?

The Credit Pros is unique in that it provides comprehensive credit and identity monitoring to all of its customers; as a result, it is one of the most highly recommended credit repair companies for fraud victims seeking to clean up their credit reports.

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Consultation is complimentary.

They begin with a complimentary initial consultation during which they determine whether their services will be beneficial in your situation. Then, if you decide to sign up, they’ll assist you in selecting the appropriate package.

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Conduct a credit report review

They then instruct you on how to obtain your free credit reports from the three major credit bureaux (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion), and they begin poring over them for any negative or incorrect information they believe they can remove.

They will also consult with you during this time about ways to improve your credit score, educating you on topics such as debt consolidation and how to avoid future credit problems.

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Sending out letters of dispute and goodwill

Once they’ve identified items to dispute, they begin contacting your creditors with dispute letters and debt validation letters.

However, they have an effective method for disputing even accurate items on your report—they do so by sending out what are known as goodwill letters, which appeal to your creditors’ good nature and customer service in order to have items removed as an act of goodwill.

These are effective methods for removing a late payment from a string of on-time payments.

Additionally, The Credit Pros offers cease and desist letters if you require debt collectors to stop harassing you—these letters inform creditors that you are attempting to resolve your debt and that they must immediately cease and desist all collection activities.

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Avalanche of disagreements

Following their initial round of letters, they engage in what they refer to as a dispute avalanche, in which they continue to send out disputes with additional information until they have resolved everything possible.

They will inform you at this point that they have done everything possible.

Certain customers continue to use their credit and identity monitoring services after their credit repair period has expired.

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Guaranteed by Credit Pros

Credit Pros offers the following “guarantee” to all of their customers:

  • That you have the option of cancelling your service at any time
  • That no one will make excessive promises or guarantee a particular outcome
  • That your personal information will be safeguarded and protected
  • That you will be treated with respect and professionalism
  • That all of your requests will be handled expeditiously
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How does The Credit Pros assist individuals who have poor credit?

Bad credit can have a negative impact on more than just your ability to obtain loans; it can also affect your ability to obtain the job you desire, the apartment you applied for, and your insurance rates.

However, these are the primary reasons why the majority of people seek credit repair assistance in the first place.

The Credit Pros, like any other credit repair company, can assist you in removing inaccurate or fraudulent items from your credit report.

Surprisingly, approximately one in every five Americans has at least one error on their tax return. These errors may be the result of inaccurate information being reported, or they may be the result of fraudulent activity.

Contesting these items can have a significant impact on your credit score, and removing just one item can increase your score by more than 100 points, depending on the type of item.

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What The Credit Pros are unable to assist you with

Bear in mind that no credit repair company can guarantee the removal of accurate items from your credit report, as these items are almost certain to remain on your credit report indefinitely (though there are exceptions).

They can, however, send out goodwill letters in the hope that creditors will show you mercy and delete one or two items from your account. However, this is a fairly uncommon occurrence that should not be anticipated.

Credit repair agencies are prohibited by the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) from representing themselves with false or misleading information.

In other words, this law protects consumers from companies that make lofty promises they cannot keep.

There is never a guarantee that a credit repair service will raise your score or remove negative items—they can simply estimate their results based on their expertise.

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How long does it take for The Credit Pros to repair my credit?

Generally, it takes approximately six months to see the full effects of credit repair.

After creditors receive dispute letters, they have 30 days to verify the reported items.

While some customers report seeing results within the first 30 days, the majority will likely not notice a noticeable difference for at least 90 days.

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How to become a member of The Credit Pros

To schedule your complimentary consultation, call The Credit Pros toll-free at 855-894-2012 or register online—their registration form allows you to select an available time slot from a list.

They begin sending out dispute letters on your behalf within three to five business days of signing up for their services. Then, approximately 60 days later, you’ll receive another copy of your credit reports in the mail, which you’ll mail or fax to The Credit Pros to initiate their second round of disputes.

Additionally, you can cancel your service at any time by calling the toll-free number provided.


What are the testimonials for The Credit Pros?

The Credit Pros receives an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from its customers, which is quite remarkable in this industry.

According to one customer review on the BBB website, their score was increased by 40 points in the first round, and they also expressed gratitude for the level of customer service they received.

Sherrita also appreciated their customer service and the fact that they handled all of her disputes simultaneously, rather than one at a time. And the portal was the cherry on top of her list of perks.

Another customer expressed delight at being approved for a loan for a new Mercedes after they assisted her in repairing her credit.

Other reviewers reported seeing rapid increases in their credit scores, receiving courteous and understanding customer service, and gaining knowledge about how to help themselves in their unique credit situations.

The most common complaints we received were about not being able to reach customer service quickly enough and continued draughts following cancellation.

the credit pros reviews

Recap of The Credit Pros Review

The Credit Pros is a reputable company with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and their customers rave about their superior customer service and positive results.

We strongly recommend this company to recent victims of identity theft or other types of fraud due to the company’s extensive credit and identity monitoring, including on social media.

However, even if this is not the case for you, they are an incredibly useful resource for assisting you in obtaining a higher credit score.

credit pros reviews